Team Ocean-navi Sets Relay Record In Tsugaru Channel

Team Ocean-navi Sets Relay Record In Tsugaru Channel

The first team up on the blocks for the 2013 Tsugaru Channel season, Team Ocean-navi, set the wetsuit record for a single relay crossing during yesterday’s collective effort.

The Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association confirmed the time of the rapid relay in 6 hours 44 minutes under the steady helm of Captain Mizushima.

Coached by Masayuki Moriya of Tokyo’s Ocean-navi, the relay went more smoothly than expected between Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan. The team took nearly the straightest shot on record from their start on Kodomari Cape to their finish on Shirakami Misaki.

It was incredible,” said coach Moriya. “The conditions were good. The team shot across the Tsugaru Channel like no other relay before. Everyone swam well and they all did a great job.”

Team Ocean-navi #1 from Tokyo included Takahashi Yuri (高橋ゆり), Takahashi Yuichi (高橋雄一), Kobayashi Noriko (小林範子), Kobayashi Shinobu (小林忍), Miyazaki Kyoko (宮崎京子), and Tamaru Atsuko (田丸厚子).

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