Team Rivard Inducted In Vermont Open Water Swimming Hall of Fame

Team Rivard Inducted In Vermont Open Water Swimming Hall of Fame

Courtesy of Charlotte Brynn, Vermont Open Water Swimming Hall of Fame.

The First Family of the Northeast Kingdom, Team Rivard that includes Darcie DeBlois-Rivard, Kevin Rivard, and Margaret Rivard, was inducted in the Vermont Open Water Swimming Hall of Fame in its Class of 2020.

Charlotte Brynn, chairperson of the Hall of Fame, explains the honor, “We say it again and again. No good swim happens without the support of many. But in this instance, over the past decade, Team Rivard has proven to be a truly remarkable and powerful force in support of Vera’s (and Margaret’s) journey into the wide open world of open water swimming. When Vera and her younger sister Margaret embarked on their journeys, Team Rivard was created and supported their journeys every stroke of the way. Darcie and Kevin have been both girls’ support throughout their young careers, kayaking them, driving them, and doing all things necessary to make their swims and their journey possible.

Darcie, Kevin, and Margaret piloted, crewed and paddled their way up Memphremagog, during Vera’s Search. Her younger sister, Margaret, an accomplished open water swimmer herself, has been the ideal training partner, sharing Vera’s love of the rough, and swimming with her every chance she gets. She crewed for Vera during In Search of Memphre and at the English Channel.

Their support extends beyond individual swims. When it’s time to put the docks in or take them out at The Clubhous, Team Rivard is there. They bring joy and support not only to their remarkable daughters’ swims, but to our entire community as well. A powerful force. A powerful Team. They inspire us.

Team Rivard on WOWSA Live in September 2020

Brynn announced Rivard along with the other Class of 2020 inductees in the Vermont Open Water Swimming Hall Of Fame.  “The Vermont Open Water Swimming Hall of Fame was established in 2016 and recognizes those Vermonters and those with substantial connections to Vermont who have achieved greatness in the open water and those who make significant , awe-inspiring contributions to their success.

The New England State of Vermont is situated in the northeast corner of USA and is one of the most  tranquil and scenic states, boasting many pristine lakes that range in both size and elevation. Much of the appeal is the crystal clear waters, breathtaking mountains, wide open spaces, playful lakes and wonderful open water swimming community which consists of homegrown Vermonters  and those with significant ties to Vermont. It is an honor to congratulate and welcome our new 2020  inductees.

We will be hosting an induction ceremony on July 23rd at Jaspers in Newport, Vermont.  On July 24th, the Kingdom Games will host the 2021 Kingdom Swim with 1-, 3-, 6-, and 10-mile events and a 25 km course held in the magical waters of Lake Memphremagog.”

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