Teaming Up Around Manhattan Island

Teaming Up Around Manhattan Island

Chloe Mccardel won yesterday’s Manhattan Island Marathon Swim with an outstanding crew who kept her going against second-place Jaime Caballero.

Many thanks to my wonderful paddler Niles Furlong who was assisted by paddler Richard Clifford, boat Captain Charlie Lehr, observer Bernard and my amazing support crew Paul McQueeney.”

The race was really tough. The whole way down the Hudson seemed to be a non-stop sprint as the lead changed several times between myself and Jaime. The last 2K was tough as I tried to hold the lead and Jaime was narrowing in fast. I just managed to hit the finish line 8 meters clear. He was a great competitor to swim against and pushed me the whole way.”

In one of the very few races around the world where the number of escort boats and crews vastly outnumber the swimmers, Chloe’s impressions of the NYC Swim organization were typical, “The race was an amazing experience and very professionally organized. I highly recommend it.”

Part of Chloe’s team included Richard Clifford (shown on left) whose run of success in Manhattan continues.

As the kayaker for previous winners Tammy van Wisse (1997), John van Wisse (2000, 2008 and 2009) and Rendy Lynn Opdyke (2006) and several others in the top 3, Richard aided another winner in 2010.

Upper photo by Tom McGann of Swim Free. Hundreds of additional photos by Tom available here.

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