Teamwork At The Highest Levels

In the open water, teamwork is the name of the game between swimmer and coach, swimmer and crew, swimmer and escort. But in Japan, teamwork, cooperation and coordination can take on an entirely different level.

In this Japanese television commercial, the announcer starts off by saying Suzuki is in lane 1, then he explains that the next swimmer Sato is also in lane 1 as is Takashi. Commentator #1 explains, “Lane 1 is pretty popular it seems” while Commentator #2 describes “Everyone is climbing on top of everyone else, but how high are they going to go is anyone’s guess.” Commentator #1 says, “They are almost ready to go” before the starter says, “Take your mark” in English. Commentator #1 then describes the action as the swimmers fall towards the pool, “Lane 1 is off to a great start and they are on world record pace…they’re doing it!…did they do it?…they did…they broke it [the world record]!” The voice-over ends the commercial by saying, “なんでも遊ぶにする天才” which is roughly translated as “These guys really know how to play [enjoy] anything.”

It looks like these swimmers can also dive … here.

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Steven Munatones