Teamwork Times Four For Swim22

Teamwork Times Four For Swim22

Every open water swim requires a massive amount of onshore logistics, streamlined operations and a large volunteer support staff.

But there are some events like the world championships, the Camlough Lake world record relay, Ventura Deep Six Relay and today’s Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay (Swim22), a four-way crossing of the across the Catalina Channel that will take between 48 – 60 hours that are an entirely different story.

Four swimmers will attempt to do four consecutive channel crossings – a relay of sorts – with each swimming a complete solo Catalina Channel crossing. Each subsequent swimmer will be at the mercy of the elements and the time and arrival location of their teammates who go off before them, together with literally hundreds of volunteers and support crew manning escort boats, guide boats, kayakers and onshore personnel.

With rain on the forecast, but the waters warming up, it will certainly be a team effort for today, tomorrow and the next day’s Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay of the Catalina Channel.

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