Ted Erikson Memorial on May 1st

Ted Erikson Memorial on May 1st

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame career of Ted Erikson is partly summarized here. The 93-year-old Erikson, who swam for decades in Lake Michigan and was photographed by David Travis in 2019 [shown above], passed away on December 1st 2021.

His memorial will be held on May 1st at the Promontory Point Fieldhouse on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. Laura Fletcher says, “The Memorial will feature live music in accordance with Ted’s wishes. Attendees will be asked to speak on video about their memories of our friend and favorite legend of the seas, Ted Erikson.”

For further information on the Memorial, email diannamoles@gmail.comClick here for more information.

Erikson was affiliated for years with the Promontory Point Open Water Swimmers.

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