Terence Bell To Pioneer Circumnavigation Swim Around Kaua’i 

Terence Bell To Pioneer Circumnavigation Swim Around Kaua’i 

Terence Bell To Pioneer Swim Around Kaua’i

Courtesy of WOWSA, Kaua’i, Hawaii.

The ocean has taught me to be humble and have a simple awareness that everything in life is interconnected,” says Terence Bellan Australian aquapreneur who created The Ocean Lover, an organization that is dedicated to reconnecting people with the underwater world through sharing personal stories.

On July 1st Bell will attempt a 14-day stage swim to circumnavigate the 160 km around the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i.  If successful, he will become the first person to attempt and circumnavigate the island.

Beyond the physical challenge, he aims to raise awareness for Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a grassroots local non-profit making an impact with ocean awareness and beach cleanups. “We’re proud to support Terence as an ambassador of #zerowaste and an ocean lover who is passionate about increasing awareness how plastic impacts our marine ecosystem,“ said Rafael Bergstrom, Executive Director, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

The stage swim around the coastline will tracked by GPS on Strava with updates regularly posted on Instagram @onlywildones.  Bell explains, “I will swim up to 13 km over 5 hours per day.  I will be supported by a local team led by an experienced captain on a fully equipped sailing boat.”

Bell wants to use this adventure to inspire others to play more and consume less. “To play more means to experience and appreciate the wonder of nature and the pristine Hawaiian islands, and to consume less is to be more conscious about our daily choices, specifically single-use plastics, and demand something differentSuccess means completing the circumnavigation of the island in one piece, having amazing experiences with my team, raising US$50,000 for Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and inspiring others to live more intentionally using the mantra, Play more, Consume less.”

Bell is traveling the world with his message. In 2019, he has spent considerable time training in the ocean, swimming 450 km and 130 hours of cumulative swimming in locations including Australia, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Brazil.  Bell is in the final stages of his logistical planning and physical preparation.

For more information, visit Solo Swim Hawaii or @onlywildones.

Questions or specific interview requests can be sent to teamoceanlover@gmail.com.

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