Terence Bell Working With Ocean Innovation Africa

Terence Bell Working With Ocean Innovation Africa

Kaspar Paul on left with Terence Bell on right after swim around Kauai

Terence Bell Working With Ocean Innovation Africa

Courtesy of Terence Bell, Cape Town, South Africa.

Australian Terence Bell completed his unprecedented 14-day 51 hour 57 minute stage swim between July 1st and 14th to become the first person to circumnavigate 160 km around Kaua’i.

Now he is working with Ocean Innovation Africa, an ocean-impact accelerator based in Cape Town, South Africa which was created to help ocean-minded start-up and scale-up companies to grow in Africa.

Ocean Innovation Africa is working on the following projects and with the following organizations:

* addressing the ocean’s plastic pollution with Ocean Cleanup, Loliware, Plastic Bank and BlackCycle
* addressing climate change with Spoondrift, Hydroswarm, Clever Buoy, AMS, Saildrone, Duro UAS, and bserve Technologies
* protecting the ocean diversity with LarvalBot, Oceanos, ETAO, SeaGoingGreen and Indrelock
* developing renewable marine energies with CalWave, Conversus, AMS, and Wave Swell
* creating new tools for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture with SafetyNet Technologies, Aquaai, ATLAN Space and Pana + Sea

The organization explains its raison d’être, “Oceans are the life support of our planet. They drive our climate, provide food and water to all living things, and connect our continents by carrying more than 90% of international trade. The annual value of the global Ocean’s Economy is estimated at $1.5 trillion and expected to grow substantially to double by 2030! However, with the current stress and strain that our societies are putting onto these ecosystems, the Oceans’ vast untapped economic potential must be based on sustainable development. It is down to businesses to implement that change and up to us to promote more environmentally-conscious innovative businesses.

Ocean Innovation Africa seeks to gather entrepreneurs, ocean-lovers, corporates, organizations and research institutions to build an Ocean economy ecosystem around innovation with one common goal: Ocean Impact.

Taking place in Cape Town, at the crossroad of the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Southern Ocean, the event benefits from the presence of a multitude of ocean reliant industries, a well-structured startup ecosystem, strong scientific and research networks in oceanography with world-class centers and universities, as well as the vicinity of all the major environmental regulators nationally.

We believe that science, technology and entrepreneurship will provide the necessary leverage points to address the world’s biggest challenges. Our purpose is to help foster a new model for cooperation focused on our oceans and based on impact-driven innovation – a program where talent and capital flow toward a world where people and nature thrive. It will start on November 27th 2019 in Cape Town at the Ocean Innovation Africa event [see here]

For more information on Ocean Innovation Africa, visit Ocean Innovation Africa.

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