Terrific Three Days In Three Seas

Terrific Three Days In Three Seas

Last September, ten swimmers completed the 30K Three Days in Three Seas marathon swim over the course of 53 hours.

The swimmers did three 10K swims in 3 different seas on 3 consecutive days. Called Shlosha Yamim BeShlosha Yamim in Hebrew, the swimmers swam a 10K in the Sea of Galilee, a 10K in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tel Aviv and a 10K in the Red Sea, from the southernmost border between Israel and Jordan to the border of Israel and Egypt.

Organizer Gadi Katz is planning for the same sort of expedition swim. “This year, we will have two groups separated by their average swimming pace: 18 minutes per 1K and 24 minutes per 1K. The water temperature in all three seas will be around 25-26°C (77-78°F) and no wetsuits are needed or allowed. We will pause for fueling every 50 minutes with an escort boat and two kayakers for each group.”

Interested swimmers should email me and specify their time for 1K, their experience in the open water, their age and other relevant data.”

The swims start before sunrise at 6:00 am each day, to avoid the strong sun and high air temperatures.

Kathy Kirmayer, an American who joined the group last year, said, “This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The seas were beautiful and the swims were a blast. But the best part was the spirit, warmth and comaraderie of the Israeli swimmers who welcomed me with open arms and painstakingly translated every briefing and debriefing for me. They translated even when we were fueling – confirming that open water swimmers are just cool people the world over.”

Photos by Yaron Weinstein.

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