Text Messages From Open Water Swimmers

Text Messages From Open Water Swimmers

LOL, CU, UR, and all kinds of abbreviations, acronyms, emoticons, smileys, onomatopoeic and stylized spellings are used all over the Internet, in forums, emails and via text.

So what kind of English abbreviations and acronyms can be used or texted by triathletes or open water swimmers?

Here are a few:

RFC: or really freaking cold, real frantic chill, royal frigid cojones

dt: dead tired (How are you? Just finished swimming, dt…) otb: on the beach (…meet us otb…)
sia: sea is angry (howz the water? rufwater, the sia)
bal: bumpy and lumpy (…how was the swim? bal…)
lab: lumpy and bumpy (…how was the swim? lab…)
titw: toes in the water (i.e., expected start time of a swim)
tits: toes in the sand (i.e., expected start time of a swim)
wc: whitecaps
bs: big surf
bw: big waves
ss: still swimming
jl: just landed
bat: brown adipose tissue or brown fat
dq: disqualified
dnf: did not finish
dns: did not start
irb: inflatable rescue boat
nl: no lifeguard
oab: out-and-back
ptp: point-to-point
ice: in case of emergency
mpa: marine protected area
otl: over time limit
pow: Pool Open Water
rtf: round trip flag
got spyhopped: encountered a whale or shark
ufo: unidentified floating object
dust?: did you swim today?

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