Thanks King - Conversations With Royalty

Thanks King – Conversations With Royalty

At the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, two-time Olympic gold medalist Jim Thorpe destroyed his competition in the decathlon and pentathlon. He finished first in 9 of the 15 separate events that made up his two Olympic victories.

At the Games’ closing ceremonies Swedish King Gustav V told Thorpe, “Sir, you are the greatest athlete in the world!” Thorpe famously replied, “Thanks, king.”

And royalty continues to make their presence, support and appreciation known at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Among other things, the online social media is abuzz by the Queen’s starring role and other royals’ participation in the Olympic celebration.

Olympic marathon swimming medal contenders Melissa Gorman and Ky Hurst had the opportunity to meet Prince Charles who gave them some advice after swimming in the Serpentine.

Even he admitted we should gargle some antiseptic when we get out of [the lake created in the early 18th century],” Gorman said.

But Gorman like her Australian teammate Hurst has been around the world swimming in nearly every conceivable body of water, from oceans and lakes to bays and rivers; some a baby blue in color and others a dull gray in hue. “It’s definitely clean enough. We swim in all sorts of water in open water, it’s a different experience.”

While watching the pool swimmers perform and watching all the open water swimmers gradually gather in the Olympic Village, we also could not help observing the slight resemblance between Ryan Lochte and his fellow waterman and sometime surfer Hurst…

Besides physiques developed from years of training both in and out of the pool, they both have a highly competitive instinct wrapped in the veneer of a laid-back surfer’s attitude.

And they are both winners in life.

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Steven Munatones