That's Open Water Amore

That’s Open Water Amore

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. carried the Naples Island Swims live online yesterday under bright, sunny skies of Long Beach, California

The smiles of the hundreds of finishers were not dampened by the brisk 61°F (16.1°C) water. “I felt good. It was fun,” said 3-mile competitor Lexie Kelley.

The Naples Island Swims, a staple of the Southern California open water scene since the 1960s, took the swimmers through the Italian-inspired waterways of Naples Island.

The field, including double Pan American Games gold medalist Alex Kostich who dominated the action as he has in the past, was broadcast live on

In glassy flat water, the hundreds who entered in Los Alamitos Bay ranged from the casual to a fast-closing pack, including Bill Darby, Samantha Sear, Amy Danzler and Michael Dean who all finished within seconds of one another, and William Penn who has been swimming in, or returning to, his native Long Beach since the 1960s.

The final results of the Top Ten are below with the remaining results here:

1. Alex Kostich, 49:50
2. William Penn, 51:37
3. Nick Vargas, 55:21
4. Laurie Dodd, 55:40
5. Buzz Harper, 455:49
6. Chip McDaniel, 56:46
7. Bill Darby, 57:04
8. Samantha Sear, 57:06.02
9. Amy Danzler, 57:06.34
10. Michael Dean, 57:06.70 will be broadcasting once again from Naples Island this Sunday when its technologies will be utilized at the 2010 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships 10K Marathon Swim.

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