The 100 Million Reach Of The Blue Mind

Blue Mind trailer from Between Two Harbors by Richard Yelland from Wallace J. Nichols on Vimeo. Dr. Wallace J. Nichols first introduced the concept of the Blue Mind with his best-selling Blue Mind.

Since that time, this concept has grown and touched millions of people in different ways.

In our effort to change the conversation about our ocean and waterways for good, Blue Mind Life has reached over 100 million readers, viewers and listeners via television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

We have shared more than 1 million blue marbles around the world and distributed about 100,000 books in a dozen languages and formats as well as inspired tens of thousands of people at events, workshops and keynotes. We have rallied thousands of water-lovers via every major social media platform; #bluemind has become a popular hashtag

Additionally, Dr. Nichols has advised hundreds of organizations on how to upgrade their water-related message and mission and better connect to water to enhance leadership, well-being and creativity among their staff. He has hosted six annual Blue Mind Summits and presented three Annual Blue Mind Awards.

There are over 500,000 views on YouTube of videos where Dr. Nichols appears in from water-related documentaries, keynotes and TED Talks. Dr. Nichols has contributed to more than 24 documentary films including Leonardo DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour, all still garnering viewers through Netflix, film festivals and online distribution.

Dr. Nichols has introduced the Blue Mind Life in various magazines including Time Magazine (reaching an audience of 25 million), Outside Magazine (reaching 7.5 million active lifestyle participants), Elle Magazine (reaching over 6 million), Psychology Today reaching 3.6 million, Self Magazine (reaching 3.5 million), Surfer Magazine (reaching 2 million surfers and water enthusiasts), Duke Magazine (reaching more than 120,000 alumni), plus dozens of smaller, local or subject specific magazines with a reach of an additional 1 million+ readers.

Dr. Nicholas has been shown or interviewed on television including CNN with 11 million viewers, CBS This Morning with 3 million+ viewers, MSNBC with 5.5 million viewers, Fox News’s 5 million viewers, The Weather Channel with 200,000 viewers, and a WGN News feature story.

Stories in newspaper articles included the Chicago Sun Times with a circulation of nearly 500,000, the Washington Post with a circulation of nearly 500,000, the San Jose Mercury News with a circulation of over 500,000, The Guardian with a circulation of nearly 200,000, and several popular features in the Huffington Post.

He has also been interviewed in numerous National Public Radio, AM radio and podcasts that have reached more than 25 million radio listeners both live and online. His combined network of followers and supporters on social media across all platforms is over 100,000. He has also given more than over 100 keynote speeches that average 200 attendees each.

Dr. Nichols serves as an advisor or board member to dozens of national and international organizations with a total membership base of over 2 million active supporters. His Blue Marbles Project has shared more than 1 million blue marbles around the world with leaders, dignitaries, students, celebrities, artists, explorers and water lovers.

In summary, the conservative total reach of his Blue Mind movement is estimated at over 100 million readers, attendees, viewers and Blue Mind Life supporters, all achieved on an extremely modest budget multiplied by countless volunteers and partnerships.

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Steven Munatones