The ABCs of Open Water Swimming

The ABCs of Open Water Swimming

Each sport has its own lexicon. Its specialized vernacular is well-known among its enthusiasts, but is an unknown shorthand among others.

The same is true with open water swimming whose terminology is increasing as the sport continues to grow exponentially.

Examples of the eclectic and esoteric terms of the sport include the following:

A – ankle slappers
B – Be Kind to Your Yacker Week
C – cap tan
D – duo swim
E – expedition swimming
F – finish chute
G – going for a little dip
H – hand-over-hand push
I – ice cream headache
J – June gloom
K – kymophobia
L – lake itch
M – marnaton
N – navigational IQ
O – ocean advocate
P – pace line set
Q – quiet swim
R – railroading
S – safety briefing
T – transponder
V – vog
W – water chill factor
X – Xifaxan
Y – yellow card
Z – ziplining

14,983 words and phrases used in the open water swimming world can be found here at Openwaterpedia.

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Steven Munatones