The Around-Coronado Swim by Dan Simonelli

The Around-Coronado Swim by Dan Simonelli

Escort extraordinaire Dan Simonelli established The Around~Coronado Swim in San Diego, California in 2020. He describes the 18.5 km circumnavigation swim, “It offers a solo marathon swimming renaissance. It is a renewal of a long-lost swim in a scenic saltwater course around Coronado Island that first passes under the curvaceous Coronado Bridge and goes along the downtown San Diego skyline before going out the San Diego Bay and passing the Point Loma peninsula. 

The swim finishes at Gator Beach, just past the world famous Hotel Del Coronado and near the Navy SEALs training facilities.  The circumnavigation swim can be attempted year-round in water between 14-22°C (57-71°F).”

It was absolutely the most fun, most picturesque marathon swim I’ve done,” said Linda Simmons. “Dan was an amazing observer, planner and escort. He studied the tides and winds and led me on a perfect swim.”

Simonelli provides his own experienced escort and support, a Marathon Swimmers Federation observer, and submission of all required documents for MSF Ratification with a subsequent LongSwims db entry, and all other coordination and logistics for the swim.

For more information on the swim governed by the Open Water Swim Academy, visit here.

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