The Beautiful Approach Of Neda El Món

The Beautiful Approach Of Neda El Món

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

There are a whole lotta people enjoying themselves at the Neda el Món events in Spain.

Neda el Món‘s approach is to promote, enhance and enable people of all ages to challenge themselves in non-competitive open swims for their fitness and enjoyment.

Neda el Món organizes circumnavigations, marathon swims, and all kinds of open water swims between 2 – 8 km in safe conditions without pushing the safety envelope unnecessarily. The events are held in beautiful natural environments with different groups starting at different times according to ability. The slowest groups start first with the goal that when the least experience and capable swimmers reach to the most difficult section of the course, all the swimmers will swim more or less together and are able to help each other.

Neda el Món provides pool training and open water swimming clinics as well as kayaker support including an integrated support system for those with physical disabilities or degenerative diseases.

The various Neda el Món crossings, circumnavigations and open water swims include the following events:

* Prades Siurana 3 km
* Sa Dragonera 9.5 km (long crossing) and 3.2 km (short crossing)
* Sa Dragonera Alternative for bad weather 5.0 km and 5.1 km
* Illes Formigues – Illes Medes 22.3 km
* Transfronterera: Cerbère – Portbou 3.3 km
* double Transfronterera: Portbou – Cerbère – Portbou 6.6 km
* Circumnavigation around Isola Soffid 3.2 km
* Circumnavigation around Isola Santa Maria 6.7 km
* Circumnavigation around Isola Spargi 8.3 km
* Barcelona’s Barceloneta beach to the Fòrum Park 5.7 km
* Barcelona’s Nova Icària beach to Fòrum Park 3.6 km
* Cap Norfeu 5.8 km
* Port Selva – Cala Tavallera 5.2 km
* Cala Prona – Cap de Creus 4.8 km
* Fluvià – Runes Empúries 7.3 km
* Combarro – Tambo Island 3.5 km
* Combarro – Tambo Island Circumnavigation 5 km
* Santa Marina 3.2 km
* Santa Marina 5.3 km (2 loops)
* Strait of Gibraltar
* Medes Islands + Circumnavigation 5.2 km
* Medes Islands crossing 3.4 km
* Valdevaqueros and El Lentiscal 7.2 km
* Punta Paloma and El Lentical 3.7 km
* Premià de Mar to El Masnou 4 km
* Costa Daurada short crossing 3.6 km
* Costa Daurada medium crossing 5.9 km
* Costa Daurada long crossing 7.4 km
* Cala Jóncols – Badia de Montjoi 5.8 km (or 2.0 km in case of bad weather)

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