The Beauty Of The Open Water Above

The Beauty Of The Open Water Above

Swimmers stand on shore and look out towards the horizon as they gaze on open bodies of water.

They check out the conditions of the water, angle of the sun, waves, and movement of the water. Is the water rough or calm, warm or cool? Will surface chop increase or decrease during their swim?

But out of the corners of their eyes, they also take in the clouds in the sky. What are their shapes? What are their speeds? Are they blocking the rays of the sun?

Open water swimmers look down towards the water level, but they also look up towards the sky. They take in the entire ambiance and atmosphere surrounding them and then jump in the water.

Clouds have innumerable shapes and sizes. They are incredibly unique and can evoke all kinds of impressions and thoughts.

Clouds are diverse, evocative, poetic aspect of nature,” says Gavin Pretor-Pinney, creator of the Cloud Appreciation Society. “The exotic can be found in the every day.”

So as Pretor-Pinney says, “Look up, marvel in the ephemeral beauty, and keep your head in the clouds“…when you do not have your head down in a streamlined position while swimming of course.

Photo shows the young English Channel team of Six Girls No Buoys below a beautiful cloud.

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Steven Munatones