The Best Answer To A Question Is Another Question

The Best Answer To A Question Is Another Question

If the best answer to almost any question is another question, then one possible answer to ‘Why are you doing this open water swim?’ may be ‘Why not?’

‘Why?’, ‘Why do you do ice swimming?’, ‘Why are you attempting the channel?’, ‘Why do you swim in the ocean?’ are questions that open water swimmers often face. The answers may be:

‘Why not?’

‘If not me, then who?’

‘If not now, then when?’

‘If not here, then where?’

If the follow-up questions are ‘Isn’t it cold?’, ‘Isn’t it far?’, ‘Isn’t it dangerous?’ or ‘Has it been done before?’, then perhaps those inquiries hold the answers themselves.

‘Yes, it is cold.’

‘Yes, it is far.’

‘Yes, it is dangerous.’

‘No, it has not been done before.’

…’and that is why I want to do it.’

When the questioner does not understand those answers and you do; when the questioner does not fathom your willingness to try and you understand the precautions and training necessary to prepare for a safe swim, then you know you have the DNA and mindset of an open water swimmer.

Photo shows Jarrod Poort at the State Harbour Crossing in New Zealand.

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Steven Munatones