The Box Jellyfish Packs A Powerful Punch

The Box Jellyfish Packs A Powerful Punch

In a recent article, the venomous box jellyfish was mentioned.

“…the box jellyfish, normally found in the Indo-Pacific, had migrated to the Florida Strait. Almost transparent, with 5,000 toxin-firing barbs on each 10-foot-long tentacle, the box jellyfish is particularly venomous…”

Note entirely true according to jellyfish expert Dr. Angel Yanagihara.

The box jellyfish or cubozoans have been identified in the Florida Straits and Carribean for over 100 years. The numbers of box jellies, appear to be increasing perhaps in part due to the loss of their natural predators, turtles, sun fish, pelagic fish, thus stacking the deck in favor of increasing jelly populations. Also, the microscopic stinging cells are present at up to 5,000 per centimeter of tentacle length or for a 18-inch tentacle 225,000 per tentacle. Far more than what was reported.”

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Steven Munatones