The Clash Of The Titans At Boston Light Swim

The Clash Of The Titans At Boston Light Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Granddaddy of Open Water Swims, as the 8-mile Boston Light Swim is called, will feature personality galore among the swimmers as 7 teams and 23 swimmers take to the cold-water course.

The charismatic Ned Denison from Cork, Ireland and the gregarious Scott Zornig from Coto da Casa, California are two of the – literally and figuratively – towering personalities in the sport. The dynamic duo will compete against the likes of 2014 winner Bill Shipp and the Swim Gypsy from Texas, Tiffany McQueen, as they navigate 12.8 km around 7 islands in Boston Harbor.

1. Jennifer McVay (42)
2. Martha Wood (54)
3. Amanda Hunt (48)
4. Amy Whitesides (44)
5. Daina Bouquin (28)
6. Jane Cheney (55)
7. Lauren Byron (41)
8. Tiffany McQueen (44)
9. Elizabeth Almond (44)
10. Katelyn Kidney (24)

1. Ned Denison (59)
2. Scott Zornig (57)
3. Andrew Westbrook (52)
4. Brendan Garvin (37)
5. Chris Greene (55)
6. Hendrik Meerman (55)
7. Kim Garbarino (59)
8. Marc Caudron (43)
9. Peter Lofquist (56)
10. Blake Lanford (38)
11. Bill Shipp (57)
12. Gregory Gomez (58)
13. Brian McLaughlin (62)

Relay Teams
1. Old Men and the Sea: Dave Osmond, Rob Kerwin, Michael Garr, Ellis Merschoff
2. Colder Than Walden: Anuj Sampat, David Bentley, Alana Aubin, Elizabeth Gray
3. Sachuset Ocean Swimmers: Paul Talewsky, Kathy Lewis, Christine Woolbright
4. Ladies and the Tramp: Neil Greenspan, Gillian Langton, Lynne Czech
5. April Fools: David Miles, Sarah Centric, Danielle Keaney
6. Mike’s Mermaids: Melissa Looney, Cyndi Kimball
7. Sibling Rivalry: Nicole Glazer and Benjamin Glazer

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Competitors will start in the water at 6 am on Saturday morning just off Little Brewster Island. From the shadow of America’s first lighthouse, the swimmers will launch their 8-mile trek through the Boston Harbor Islands National Park, aiming for a beach finish at the famed L-Street Bathhouse (Curley Community Center) in South Boston. Most swimmers complete the course in three to five hours. There is a strict five-hour time limit on the course.

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