The Clock Is Ticking Runs Smoothly

The Clock Is Ticking Runs Smoothly

The inaugural The Clock Is Ticking 7 Mile Swim in Georgia went smoothly. John Eunice sums up the weekend of open water swimming fun, “It was a great swim and everyone had a good time.”

The event was a charity swim for the James Eunice Charity Fund and had 1-mile, 2.4-mile, and 3.5-mile races in addition to the 7-mile race.

The top swimmers in the 7-mile event in a calm lake included:

1. Kaitlin Sweet 3:28:30
2. Allison Retotar 3:28:57
3. Mark Schuette 3:48:19
4. Amanda Birch 3:57:57
5. Katelynn Kenworthy 4:08:33
6. Audrey Goodale 5:13:19

Eunice explains, “The event also offered a “with fins option” in support of the participating military personnel who have been trained and conditioned to swim with gear.”

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Steven Munatones