The Cold Half Postponed Until Further Notice

The Cold Half Postponed Until Further Notice

The pandemic is not over for the open water swimming world.

While many races and events in the Americas and Europe are being held as scheduled, the situation in Hong Kong is less certain. Shu Pu explains, “With the proposed phased change of restrictions by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region starting April 21st, we are now working on obtaining permissions, and agreements with various parties to hold The 15 km Cold Half event (and the 1.5 km Cold Plunge and the inaugural 115 km ColdXtreme Challenge) on April 24th, with a fall-back on May 22nd. 

We appreciate that there is still quite a bit of uncertainty around this because of factors beyond of our control.  As a race organizer, we cannot put our swimmers, partners, volunteers and the swimming community at risk.  We are committed to hosting the event when it is safe and possible to do so.  We appreciate your support and understanding, and will keep you posted once we have secured the race date.  

We have spoken with all our sponsors and partners, who are more than understanding and supportive.  They have all offered our swimmers special discounts to help with training and getting through this challenging time easier. See on site below. 

For more update and race information, visit here

2021 Cold Half Results

  1. Hong Kong Island Stingrays (relay) 3:05:32.2
  2. Alex Fong Lik Sun (solo natural) 3:29:07.1 [shown above]
  3. James Paton (solo wetsuit) 3:31:17.6
  4. HKFC Porpoises (relay wetsuit) 3:36:57.2
  5. Patrón Patrol (relay natural) 3:39:04.0
  6. Simon Holliday (solo natural) 3:41:04.0
  7. Karen Surgenor (solo wetsuit) 3:42:59.5
  8. Hong Kong Island Stingrays Girls (relay natural) 3:43:12.8
  9. Squall Blacks (relay natural) 3:43:23.2
  10. Frozen Nuts (relay natural) 3:44:06.1
  11. Coached (W)right (relay wetsuit) 3:44:51.6
  12. Kenny Li (solo wetsuit) 3:55:36.1
  13. John Lyons (solo natural) 3:56:15.7
  14. Mutt and Jeff (relay wetsuit) 3:58:59.4
  15. Thomas Butter (solo wetsuit) 3:59:01.0
  16. Edie Hu (solo natural) 3:59:52.5
  17. Allan McPherson (solo natural) 4:07:02.2
  18. Justin Murray (solo wetsuit) 4:12:30.0
  19. Jean and Steve (relay wetsuit) 4:13:00.5
  20. Cae Tolman (solo wetsuit) 4:15:01.0
  21. Li Ling Yung (solo natural) 4:15:30.7
  22. Joy Zhu (solo natural) 4:24:09.6
  23. Mayank Vaid (solo wetsuit) 4:34:15.0
  24. Mandy Tik Tolman (solo wetsuit) 4:39:11.0
  25. Leo Chan Li (solo wetsuit) 4:41:56.0
  26. Just Keep Swimming (relay wetsuit) 4:42:24.0
  27. HKFC Nemos (relay wetsuit) 4:43:30.6
  28. Michael Chun Chi Tsang (solo natural) 4:53:47.3

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