The Cyclical Nature Of American Media Coverage

The Cyclical Nature Of American Media Coverage

Thinking back about American sports history, it appears that massive amounts of media coverage is cyclical when it comes to American open water swimmers…and that media attention is largely centered around women.

Gertrude Ederle in the 1920s, Greta Andersen in the 1950s, Lynne Cox in the 1970s and Diana Nyad in contemporary times for myriad reasons captured the attention of the popular press.

The cycles appears to come in 20-40 year periods. So who will be next? What will she do? Where will she swim?

That women may do her swim in the 2030s or ’40s, if history is any guide. However with online social media or whatever will develop over the next generation may help other swimmers vault into the consciousness of the American general public.

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Steven Munatones