The Dangers Of Marine Radiation Off The Japanese Coast

WAY EAST | Trailer from Mathias Kögel on Vimeo. The International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco, California is live and bringing marine cinematography at its best.

Day 2 of the film festival highlighted seahorses, shipping, and surfing in a mix of ocean films at the Cowell Theater.

One of the films that I loved watching is Way East, a documentary by Lena Stoffel, Aline Bock and Mathias Kögel with footage by Aaron Jamieson,” said Steven Munatones [see trailer above and full film below]. “Many people have asked me about the extent and danger of nuclear pollution and nuclear waste in Japan and across the Pacific Ocean.

The information that is being presented in America is not consistent with what I have seen and experienced first-hand in Japan along its east coast. I have visited Tokyo and its eastern prefectures dozens of time since the tsunami and nuclear reactor disaster in 2011, and I have yet to … apparently … be contaminated with radioactivity.

This film is by a group of foreigners who set off in search of the Japanese powder snow and surf, and discover the reality of life in modern-day Japan, post-Fukushima, including the ability to enjoy the ocean where it is said the ocean is poisonous. It is good for these filmmakers and dryland/aquatic adventurists to bring a first-hand view of the actual situation

They documented own personal insight of the situation and the reality of nuclear pollution after the accident and what the local population thinks about it.

WAY EAST | Full Movie from Mathias Kögel on Vimeo. WAY EAST is a 21-minute film by Lena Stoffel, Aline Bock and Mathias Kögel: Shrouded by the recent Fukushima nuclear spillage, two Austrian filmmakers visit Japan to make one film and instead discover another. The two adventurists ski and surf across the country, discovering alternate lifestyles, the potential for renewable energy, and a rich culture of hope.

On the other side of the pendulum, Yoko Kubota will showcase her IMPERATIVE SHIFT ~Fukushima, Tip of the Iceberg~ documentary tomorrow at the Film Festival.

IMPERATIVE SHIFT ~Fukushima, Tip of the Iceberg~ from yoko kubota on Vimeo. Copyright © 2008-2017 by World Open Water Swimming Association
Steven Munatones