The DWB In Hong Kong

The DWB In Hong Kong

Courtesy of Ken Thorley, Hong Kong.

In its third edition, The DWB, a 5 km race run by the VRC was held on April 28th with 74 entrants, including some who had arrived from as far away as Macau, Shanghai, and London.  “A storm the day before had flushed out the bay leaving clear water, and the race began under overcast skies which cleared through the morning,” reported race director Ken Thorley.  “Conditions out past the Ocean Park rollercoaster and crossing Deep Water Bay were very choppy, and there was a strong head wind as they entered Repulse Bay.

Two competitors, Hong Kong Open Water team member Jonathan Lam and former Swedish national team member and top-ranked masters swimmer Frederic Liljestroem soon cleared out from the pack, with the Swede establishing a commanding lead over his younger rival by the halfway point. But heading up the Middle Island channel, Lam gradually reeled Liljestroem in and with 400m to go was drafting closely behind him. In the final stages, Lam overtook the Swede and raced away to win by 10 meters.

The first placed female was Carina Leung, about 8 minutes behind Lam.

It was an exciting and challenging race which attracted swimmers of all ages and from far and wide.”

The youngest was 10 years old, and the oldest was 62-year-old Mark McWhinnie from Macau.

Overall Top 25 Finishers:
  • Jonathan Lam 1:04:01 1014
  • Fredric Liljestroem 1:04:09
  • Emeric Payer 1:09:15
  • Braedon Sharp 1:09:33
  • Francesco Lanzone 1:10:07
  • Jeff Faiola 1:11:46
  • Henry Phillis 1:12:17
  • Hoi Ting Carina Leung 1:12:19 [first female]
  • Olivier Baillet 1:12:23
  • William Phillis 1:12:45
  • Ngai Alexander Chan 1:13:57
  • Hector Drake 1:13:59
  • Chi Kiu Chan 1:15:05
  • Chun Fung Lenclos Chong 1:15:34
  • Mark Stamper 1:19:19
  • Yu Fat Marcus Koo 1:21:21
  • Scott Burton 1:21:24
  • Ethan Lau 1:21:29
  • Iker Aguirre 1:22:52
  • James Paton 1:23:34
  • Gorana Pogancev 1:23:42 [second female]
  • Matthieu Boidin 1:23:49 1
  • Patrice Meunier 1:25:09
  • Lewis Yeung 1:26:05
  • Matt Kelsey 1:26:07

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