The First Attempt, San Miguel To Santa Rosa

The First Attempt, San Miguel To Santa Rosa

Julian Rusinek is a Southern California ocean swimmer who is always out for adventure. He not only participates in local ocean swims with regularity, but also joins in on channel swims and did the Fear No Pier event.

This Saturday, Rusinek will attempt the first solo swim between San Miguel Island and Santa Rosa Island in the California Channel Islands.

While the attempt is only 3.6 miles in distance, it is potentially an extraordinarily wild and totally gnarly swim in a part of the world when marine life can be numerous, curious, unavoidable, and aggressive.

Under the watchful eyes of Scott Zornig and Theo Schmeeckle, Rusinek’s attempt is one of the many unprecedented potential firsts that are possible within the scope of waterways that the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association governs.

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