The Global Reach, Goals, Influence of Lewis Pugh

The Global Reach, Goals, Influence of Lewis Pugh

Lewis Pugh OIG said to government leaders around the world who had assembled in Glasgow, Scotland in November for the UN Climate Conference (COP26), “What I witnessed in Greenland is the most visceral example of what is happening to our planet because of our failure to reduce emissions. It is not an abstract possibility for the future. It is real and it is happening now.”

Pugh, the UN Patron of the Oceans, appealed to the leaders at the UN Climate Conference and the general public around the world with the story of his pioneering 14-stage swim over 12 days where he swam a total of 7.8 km in the Ilulissat Icefjord within the Arctic Circle as part of his Greenland Swim in a demonstration of the Climate Crisis. His unprecedented multi-stage swim exposed him to water temperatures between 0°C and 3°C (32°F – 37.4°F).

In addition to his global social media reach and his one-on-one meetings with world leaders, he wants government officials, manufacturers, and the common person to move beyond statements to immediate action.

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