The Longest Ice Swim Challenge Achieved by Krzysztof Gajewski

The Longest Ice Swim Challenge Achieved by Krzysztof Gajewski

Krzysztof Gajewski, a 29-year-old cold water swimmer from Zielona Góra, Poland, swam 3.91 km in 3.39°C water in 1 hour 19 minutes 34 seconds. He swam the 2.43-mile distance on December 16th in Kopalnia Wrocław, Paniowice.

Krzysztof Gajewski swimming in Kopalnia Wrocław, Paniowice, Poland

It was the longest Ice Mile in history. Gajewski broke the existing ice swimming distance record set by fellow Polish ice swimmer Krzysztof Kubiak who swam 3.75 km in 4.4°C water in Bystrzyckie Lake, Zagórze, Poland, taking 1 hour 4 minutes. Kubiak set the record in March 2021, breaking the then record of Paul Georgescu of Romania who swam 3.51 km in 4.3°C water.

The previous long-distance Ice Mile records were previously held by Turkey’s Hamza Bakircioglu in 2018 in 3.44 km in 4.13°C water taking 1 hour 8 minutes, and Ireland’s Jack Boyle in 2016 who swam 3.31 km in 4.63°C water taking 54 minutes 59 seconds, and Ireland’s Carmel Collins in 2016 who swam 3.30 km in 4.63°C water taking 57 minutes 45 seconds.

To say Gajewski was chill before the record-setting Ice Mile is an understatement. His team measured his resting heart rate at 43 beats per minute with a blood pressure reading of 120 / 80. At the start of the swim, he took 58 strokes per minute and he finished the record swim with 50 strokes per minute.

The swim was officially observed by Leszek Naziemiec with Marek Rother as the International Ice Swimming Association witness.

Gajewski is more than just a cold water specialist. He has also completed marathon lake swims over 100 km in distance:

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