The Man Knows His Stuff - Ger Kennedy On Lanolin

The Man Knows His Stuff – Ger Kennedy On Lanolin

Courtesy of Ger Kennedy, Dublin, Ireland.

Ger Kennedy swims a lot. In the ocean, in the cold, under ice, through the waves, in tundra, carved out of ice, and along the coast of Ireland.

And he knows the water – and things that help me. “I love the smell of lanolin in the morning. Only the best raw lanolin from New Zealand supplier for upcoming channel season and distance swims nickname Channel grease,” he commented about NZ Naturally’s raw lanolin that he smears on his neck and around his armpits.

NZ Naturally explains, “New Zealand lanolin is rich in Vitamin D3. It is also known as ‘wool grease’. This is the rawest form of lanolin. It has been cleaned, but is not classified as pharmaceutical grade. It is darker in color, unrefined with a distinctive sheep-like odor. Similar to substances found in humans skin – raw lanolin acts as an excellent emollient helping to soothe, moisturise and protect the skin whilst also functioning as an occlusive to help prevent moisture loss through the epidermis. It is high in alpha hydroxy acids, which are commonly touted as having anti-aging and wrinkle reducing properties.”

For more information, visit here.

NZ Naturally operates from the region of Taranaki on the west coast of the North Island where Mount Taranaki tumbles down to the rugged coastline, accompanied by endless rivers and hills along the way.

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