The Men's Club, Gentlemen In The Open Water

The Men’s Club, Gentlemen In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

On the domestic front, there is arguably no more of a gentlemen’s sport than the elite open water swimmers of America. At today’s 2014 USA Swimming 5 km National Open Water Swimming Championship in Castaic Lake, there was not one warning whistle or yellow flag or red flag called. The men respected each other’s space with a minimal of physicality.

Around the turn buoys, down the straightaway, into the finish chute, the men could have been quite physical with each other. But they swam well and never caused the referees to blow his whistle or point his flag. But that is not to say the race was easy. Au contraire.

The race has frequent lead changes and bold bursts of speed, often led by the courageous young man from Malibu, Jordan Wilimovsky.

The gentleman from Harvard, Alex Meyer [shown in black swim cap above], ultimately prevailed in a relatively fast-paced race throughout. Throwing a number of countermoves to Wilimovsky’s speed initiatives, the senior statesman of American open water swimming won by 2 tenths of a second over Team Santa Monica’s Wilimovsky [shown in pink swim cap above].

A variety of videos of the tactics used throughout the race will be posted shortly.

1. Alex Meyer (Seal Innovation Team) 55:34.30
2. Jordan Wilimovsky (Team Santa Monica) 55:34.57
3. Yoelvis Pedraza (Azura Florida Aquatic) 55:35.00
4. Arthur Frayler (Unattached) 55:36.90
5. David Heron (Tennessee Aquatics/MVN) 55:38.33
6. Chip Peterson (North Carolina Aquatic Club) 55:38.59
7. Daniel O’Connor (Mission Viejo Nadadores) 55:38.59
8. Taylor Abbott (Nitro Swimming) 55:41.25
9. Mitchell Huxhold (Roadrunner Aquatic) 55:42.67
10. Brendan Casey (Team Santa Monica) 55:42.74
11. Shawn Parkhurst (Town of Tonawanda Titans Swim Club) 55:43.36
12. Steve Sholdra (Unattached) 55:44.60
13. Jerad Kaskawal (FAST Swim Team) 55:44.97
14. Logan Houck (Sandpipers of Nevada) 55:48.35
15. Blake Mangeniello (AquaKids Sharks Swim Team) 55:51.90
16. Simon Lamar (FAST Swim Team) 57:06.67
17. Liam Egan (Crimson Aquatics) 57:06.67
18. Nic Munoz (The Woodlands Swim Team) 57:23.03
19. Cody Bekemeyer (SwimAtlanta) 57:23.54
20. Pierce Bradshaw (New South Swimming) 57:23.49
21. Cary Wright (Trojan Swim Club) 57:24.78
22. Timmy Hanson (Aquazot Swim Club) 57:25.70
23. Riley Mita (Navy Swimming/Canyons Aquatics Club) 57:26.44
24. Nate Pawlowicz (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 57:27.07
25. Robbie Dickson (Delaware Swim Team) 57:31.17
26. Bobby Yribarren (Tiger Aquatics) 57:31.19
27. Kevin Jackson (Air Force Academy) 57:33.85
28. Christopher Grimmett-Norris (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 57:33.91
29. Taylor Delk (SwimAtlanta) 57:40.21
30. Michael Brinegar (Donner Swim Club) 58:10.63
31. Riley Molina (Sandpipers of Nevada) 58:12.14
32. Aaron Apel (Scottsdale Aquatic Club) 58:12.92
33. Nicholas McDowell (Sandpipers of Nevada) 58:28.86
34. Scott Simmer (Team Santa Monica) 58:57.46
35. Samuel Rice (Weymouth Club Waves) 59:22.47
36. Sidney Kao (FAST Swim Club) 59:28.34
37. Arthur Conover (Club Wolverine) 59:43.03
38. Chris Yeager (First Colony Swim Team) 1:00:04.09
39. Nicholas Vargas (Roadrunner Aquatic) 1:00:58.27
40. Ryan Sharkey (The Woodlands swim Team) 1:00:58.82
41. Miller Surette (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 1:00:59.40
42. Carter Grimes (Sandpipers of Nevada) 1:01:35.76
43. Brandon Yong (Unattached) 1:01:59.73
44. Colin Murphy (The Woodlands Swim Team) 1:03:25.22
45. Joseph Guilfoyle (Unattached) 1:03:30.49

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Steven Munatones