The Milo Ice Bucket Challenge Begins

The Milo Ice Bucket Challenge Begins

The Milo Ice Bucket Challenge Begins

Courtesy of Jacqueline Mcclelland, Infinity Swim Academy, Northern Ireland.

Jacqueline Mcclelland of the Infinity Swim Academy in Northern Ireland announced The Milo Ice Bucket Challenge, “Like millions of events this year, the annual ‘Milo Dip’ on New Year’s morning at Camlough Lake has been called off due to the new lockdown restrictions. So we diversified and reinvented it to The Milo Ice Bucket Challenge, a rendition of that which took the social media platforms by storm in mid 2000’s.

Milo McCourt, Pádraig Mallon, and Jacqueline Mcclelland take the Milo Ice Bucket Challenge [see above] in order to get the ball rolling for The Milo Ice Bucket Challenge for Southern Area Hospice Services. They are now stretching out their hands of friendship to the Infinity Family across the globe home and away.

Milo McCourt nominates:
HOME: David McCourt
AWAY: Colleen Mallon

Pádraig Mallon nominates:
HOME: Keith Garry
AWAY: Lynton Mortensen

Jacqueline Mcclelland nominates:
HOME: Stephanie Lyness
AWAY: Amy Appelhans Gubser

Mcclelland says, “People can get involved by donating here to raise funds for the Southern Area Hospice Services, following the recent passing of Eileen McCourt who is aunt of Pádraig and sister-in-law of Milo. Take the challenge yourself and then nominate two people: one person at home and one person abroad. Post your Ice Bucket vlog here. The Southern Area Hospice Services St John Hospice helps so many.”

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