Most Grueling Challenge On Earth, Defeating Oceans Seven

Most Grueling Challenge On Earth, Defeating Oceans Seven

…I accept dying…” says the protagonist Stephen Redmond.

It has sharks, it has squid, it has currents, it has waves, it has tides, so this fits the model of Oceans Seven very well…” says its creator Steven Munatones.

“…never trust the water…you find it’s a companion…but it’s a dangerous friend…” is how the waterways of the Oceans Seven is described.

“…when we get to this point, we don’t know. It might be easy, it might be hard, it might be impossible…” is how the final swim is described.

Watch the trailer for the outstanding film Defeating Oceans Seven here. You will not be disappointed.

We will be forever touched by the courage and the depth of character that Stephen showed. He is almost mythical in a way, but he is a real-world hero. Stephen boiled down the essence of humanity and demonstrated how powerful dreams can be,” recalls Munatones. “His story of Defeating Oceans Seven is so compelling. His adventures around the world were riddled with defeats, saddled with pain. Nothing was never a given. But his ultimate triumph was beautifully captured by the crew of Red Bull Media House who produced this film. Their artistry with the cameras was nearly as magical to observe as was Stephen’s swim. Their studio was a rocking boat in the middle of a turbulent channel, constantly buffeted by winds and waves. As long as Stephen kept swimming, Wolfgang Merkel and his film crew kept rolling. They could not plan for conditions that always presented the unexpected.”

Watch here.

Photo by Mike Lewis.

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