The Most Popular Open Water Swimming Articles

The Most Popular Open Water Swimming Articles

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming‘s 12 most widely read articles are shown below. The articles cover swims from America and Australia to Brazil and Tunisia; athletes from Ryan Lochte to members of the Half Century Club’ and themes ranging from water safety to the camaraderie of swimmers.

One can never predict what is going to popularly resonate with the global open water swimming community so we try to cover the gamut of the sport from ice swimming to channel swimming, from amateurs to professionals, from failed attempts to unprecedented successes, from equipment to techniques, and from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern.

1. Lovely Lake Powell Lies Waiting For Open Water Swimmers (Sep 23, 2010): 18,697 page views
2. Michael Jordan Joins The Half Century Club (Feb 17, 2013): 13,312 page views
3. 2011 World Open Water Swimming Association Award Nominees (Nov 1, 2011): 12,576 page views
4. Outstanding TV Globo Coverage Of Open Water Swimming (Dec 15, 2010): 10,588 page views
5. Ryan Lochte Doubles Up In The Open Water (Jul 29, 2012): 10,143 page views
6. Diana Nyad’s Tough Mental Playlist Keeps Her Going (Aug 19, 2012): 8,497 page views
7. Five Or More Get On Rottnest Channel Swim Honour Board (Jan 8, 2013): 8,161 page views
8. WOWSA Performance of the Year Nominee 1400K Swim Across Tunisia (Nov 1, 2011): 7,213 page views
9. Two Courageous Samaritans Help Save Swimmer In Cape Town (Oct 7, 2011) 5,953 page views
10. The Camaraderie Of Open Water Swimming (Nov 26, 2009): 5,514 page views
11. Diana Nyad’s Troubles In The Middle Of The Strait Of Florida (Aug 9, 2011): 5,126 page views
12. Lot Of Open Water On This Planet (Nov 19, 2009): 4,848 page views

Photo above shows Las Vegas 10K, a masters swimming competition in Lake Mead, Nevada.

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