The Most Unique Turn Buoy In The Open Water World

Courtesy of Doug Woodring, race director for the Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim, Hong Kong 2015, California.

The open water swimming world’s most unique and interesting turn buoy is shown 1 minute 9 seconds into the video posted above. Highly visible and musical, the famed ‘tunes buoy‘ that cannot be missed.

The 9th annual Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim was held in Hong Kong from Stanley to Deep Water Bay. It is a 15 km sea swim with carbon-neutral relay teams of 5 people, soloists, and yak swimmers (i.e., 2 swimmers and a kayak who rotate every 30 minutes through the course).

Video photographers included Carlos Leung, Jimmy Leung, Eddie Hui Bon Hoa, Jan Chan, Coleman Lam, Christine Yang, and Doug Woodring.

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