The MV Shelley Taylor-Smith Ferry Keeps Going

The MV Shelley Taylor-Smith Ferry Keeps Going

The MV Shelley Taylor-Smith Ferry Keeps Going

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The ferry boat Shelley Taylor-Smith keep chugging away in Swam River in Western Australia.

It is named appropriately after its namesake who raced hundreds of miles over her lengthy career as one of the most successful marathon swimming competitors, male or female. “The MV Shelley Taylor-Smith ferry is still going strong,” smiles Taylor-Smith shown above with her mother Irene Taylor, sister Lizabeth Taylor and brother Michael Taylor. “Funny that she does laps – back ‘n forth all day long, morning and night…going on 20 years now. Just like I did all those years ago. My goal is to get a race across the Swan River racing the MV Shelley Taylor-Smith ferry.”

There have been several other monuments, events, and memorials named after celebrated open water swimmers:

*Crippen Cup 10K Marathon Invitational
*Fran Crippen TYR Swim Meet of Champions
*Ben Carlson Memorial Lifeguard Headquarters and 3-meter bronze statue at the Balboa Pier, Newport Beach, California
*Diana Nyad Plaque in Smathers Beach, Florida
*Jim Doty Memorial Clocks at the clock tower at the L Street Bathhouse (Curley Community Center) in South Boston, Massachusetts
*Vicki Keith Point on Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada
*Cliff Lumsdon Park in Toronto, Canada
*McConica Cove on Catalina Island
*Webb Crescent in Dawley, England
*Captain Webb Primary School on Webb Crescent in Dawley, Telford, Shropshire, England
*Captain Matthew Webb memorial in Dawley, England
*Webb House at Adams’ Grammar School in England
*Cape Lynne Cox on Siberia’s Lake Baikal near the Angara River
*Marilyn Bell plaque on Lake Ontario in Canada
*Marilyn Bell Park on Lake Ontario
*Marilyn Bell 1 ferry boat at the Billy Bishop Toronto Island Airport
*Bert Thomas Monument on Ediz Hook in Port Los Angeles, Washington
*Jacques Amyot statute at lac St-Jean in Roberval, Quebec, Canada
*Keo Nakama Invitational at the War Memorial Natatorium near Diamond Head Volcano on Oahu
*Marilyn Bell Swim Classic
*Byron’s Stone near Tepelene, Albania
*Byron’s Cave or La Grotta di Byron in Portovenere, Italy
*Statue of Lord Byron in Athens, Greece
*Lord Byron Memorial Stone in Westminster Abbey’s Poets’ Corner / South Transept
*Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatics Center (CBAC) at Indiana University
*Doc Counsilman Memorial Lecture Series at the American Swimming Coaches Association’s annual World Clinic
*Buddy’s Buoy off of the Newport Pier in Newport Beach, California
*Dowling College in Oakdale, New York
*Gertrude Ederle Recreation Center in New York City
*Gertrude Ederle Monument at the Sirene Hotel in Cap Gris Nez, France
*Memorial to Commander Charles Gerald Forsberg in Morecambe, England
*Annette Kellerman’s plaque and collection in the Dennis Wolanski Library and Archive of Performing Arts at the Sydney Opera House
*Des Renford Aquatic Centre in Heffron Park, Maroubra, Australia
*Murray Rose’s Malabar Magic Ocean Swim
*Páraic Casey Memorial at Sandycove Island, Ireland
*Chase Challenge ocean swimming competition at the Monterey Beach SportsFest, California
*Daniel Eulogio Carpio Massioti National Swimming Pool in Lima, Peru

The namesake for the Western Australian ferry boat is one of nominees for the 2016 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year:

1. Victoria Mori (Argentina)
2. Rachele Bruni (Italy)
3. Sharon van Rouwendaal (Netherlands)
4. Olga Kozydub (Russia)
5. Sally Minty-Gravett, M.B.E. (Jersey)
6. Chloë McCardel (Australia)
7. Pat Gallant-Charette (USA)
8. Elizabeth Fry (USA)
9. Cheryl Reinke (USA)
10. Sabrina Wiedmer (Switzerland)
11. Nuala Moore (Ireland)
12. Shelley Taylor-Smith (Australia)
13. Samantha Arévalo Salinas (Ecuador)
14. Jaimie Monahan (USA)

To vote for the WOWSA Awards visit here. Online voting continues until December 31st 2016.

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