The New Stillwater 8

The New Stillwater 8

The New Stillwater 8

Courtesy of Michelle Macy, Portland, USA.

Oceans Seven swimmer and Hall of Famer Michelle Macy announced the new and improved Stillwater 8.

Macy first announced the solo marathon swimming challenge across 8 different lakes around the world in 2011. With the input and advice of Evan Morrison and other marathon swimmers, she revised the 8 locations:

* Loch Ness, Scotland
* Lake Zürich, Switzerland
* Lake Tahoe, USA
* Lake Taupo, New Zealand
* Lake Ontario, Canada
* Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
* Lake Malawi, Malawi, Africa
* Sea of Galilee, northwest Israel

Stillwater 8 Locations:
1. Loch Ness, Scotland
* Distance of 37 km or 23 miles
* Water temperature averages 10°C or 50°F
* Known for its deep black and chilling waters, many swimmers have been challenged by the inky depths and its famed mythical cryptozoological creature Nessie
* Route: Fort Augustus – Loch End
* Pilot: posted here
* Swim authentication: Marathon Swimmers Federation or British Long Distance Swimming Association

2. Lake Zürich, Switzerland
* Distance: 26.4 km or 16.4 miles
* Water temperature averages between 19-24°C or 66.2 – 75.2°F or 19-24°C
* This lake has an organized race that is recognized around the world
* Route: From Rapperswil to Zurich
* Organization/Race: Sri Chinmoy Races

3. Lake Tahoe, USA
* Distance: 40.2 km or 24.9 miles
* Water temperature: 10–14.4°C or 50–58°F
* Difficult due to temperature and altitude
* Route: Length of Tahoe
* Organization + Ratifying Body: Lake Tahoe Marathon Swim Federation

4. Lake Taupo, New Zealand
* Distance: 34 km or 21 miles
* Water temperature: 11–23°C or 51–73°F
* Located on the North Island of New Zealand, it is the largest lake in New Zealand
* Route: Longest distance of the lake
Organization + Ratifying body: Cook Strait Swim

5. Lake Ontario, Canada
* Distance: 51 km or 31.5 miles
* Water temperature: variable in a matter of hours due to wind (10-22°C or 50–72°F)
* Difficult swim due to unpredictable wind and currents
* Route: Several different start and finish locations recognized by Solo Swims of Ontario and Marathon Swimmers Federation
* Organizations + Ratifying body: Solo Swims of Ontario

6. Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
* Route: Island of the Moon to Copacabana
* Extremely challenging due to the cold temperatures at high altitude
* Organizations + Ratifying body: Patagonia Swim

7. Lake Malawi, Malawi, Africa
* Distance: 23.5 km
* Water temperatures: Warm year round
* Difficult swim due to water temperature, logistics and wildlife
* Route: Cape Ngombo to Senga Bay
* Organization:
* Swim ratification: Marathon Swimming Federation

8. Sea of Galilee, northwest Israel
* Distance: 20.5 km or 12.7 miles
* Route: Lengthwise traverse of the lake
* Organization + Ratifying body: Galilee Sea Marathon Swimming Association

Vicki Keith is shown above swimming butterfly across Lake Ontario.

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