The Ocean Positive Movement Grows

BC Ocean Positive – Join Our Legion of Heroes for our oceans and our communities from Bruckner Chase on Vimeo. Together with Patrick Roach, an Aviation Survival Technician with U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Training Center in Alabama, Wallace J Nichols, Ph.D., a marine biologist, conservationist, and author of Blue Mind, Sean Hays, the Senior Chief & Command of United States Coast Guard Station in Philadelphia, Bartlomiej Bober, a Lifesaving World Championship medalist & head of the Department of Tourism and Sport in Zabze, Poland, and Michelle Evans-Chase, Ph.D., Educational Programming & Grant Director of Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive, and a number of communities and governmental agencies from Europe to Oceania, Bruckner Chase is working to positively impact how people feel, think and acts towards the oceans and their communities.

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