The OceanElders Taking Leadership

The OceanElders Taking Leadership

The OceanElders are a remarkable group of independently minded leaders who have joined together to use their collective influence and experience, supported by science and data, to promote ocean conservation, pursue the protection of the ocean’s habitat and wildlife, and preserve its ecosystems and species biodiversity.

The OceanElders are a mix of well-known entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson and Ted Turner to musicians like Jackson Browne and Neil Young. They include scientists (Dr. Rita Colwell, Dr. Sylvia Earle, shown on left), innovators and educators (Jean-Michel Cousteau, , Sven Lindblad, Graeme Kelleher, Nainoa Thompson and Captain Don Walsh) and royalty (Her Majesty Queen Noor).

Additional OceanElders will be added from China, Japan, India, Europe, Africa, and South America.

The OceanElders was created to be a locus of collaboration in the field of ocean conservation. By working with and leveraging the work of other ocean organizations, OceanElders intends to encourage, endorse, and champion their ocean initiatives.

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Steven Munatones