The Open Water Swimming Grit Survey

The Open Water Swimming Grit Survey

The Open Water Swimming Grit Survey

Courtesy of Mitali Khanzode, San Francisco Bay, California.

Mitali Khanzode is a senior in high school in Sunnyvale, California who has been open water open water swimming nearly half of her life so far.

The incoming Stanford freshmen completed her last research project in high school that focused on the connection between open water swimming and grit, which is passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals.

She explains, “Essentially, I want to see how open water swimming experience impacts grit in others.”

She created this survey to measure grit in open water swimmers. Participate in the grit survey here.

Photo shows 13-year-old Anaya Khanzode, 17-year-old Mitali Khanzode, 15-year-old Saumir Dikhit, 17-year-old Hana Lip, and 17-year-old Riley Lim starting their 16 km cross-border tandem crossing of the Bonifacio Channel from the shores of Corsica to the beach Spiaggia Rena Bianca on Sardinia, Italy.

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