The Original Triple Crowners More Than Doubled In 2022

The Original Triple Crowners More Than Doubled In 2022

During the 50-year period between 1971 and 2021, there were only 3 swimmers (Kevin Murphy in 1971, Ted Keenan in 1975, and Stephen Price in 2000) who completed the Original Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming (OTC).

Pádraig Mallon explains the requirements to achieve this channel swimming feat, “It demands a successful completion of the 33.5 km English Channel between England and France, the 35 km North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland, and a minimum of a 27 km Bristol Channel crossing where the swimmers must start or finish in North Devon, England and Porthcawl, Wales. Swimmers must cross the Bristol Channel between west of the River Ogmore in Porthcawl and in or west of North Devon. Other routes qualify if the point-to-point route is a total distance that exceeds 27 km.”

The Irish Long Distance Swimming Association includes a celebration and presentation of the Original Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming medals at its annual awards event.

In 2022, the OTC had an historic (read: busy) year with Siân Clement, Elaine Burrows Dillane, Sarah Philpott, Martyn Webster, Pat Gallant-Charette, and Fergal Somerville achieving the OTC honor as they all became Original Triple Crowners.

Photo above shows Sîan Clement, Jacqueline McClelland, Elaine Burrows Dillane, and Sarah Philpott with the Original Triple Crown Award at the 14th ILDSA awards held in Mullingar, Ireland on November 19th.

Pat Gallant Charette and Martyn Webster also achieved their Original Triple Crown awards in 2022. They will be honoured in 2023 at the 15th Annual ILDSA Awards.  Both Gallant Charette and Webster swam from Porthcawl, England to Glenthorne, Wales on September 19th, with Webster finishing in 9 hours 10 minutes and Gallant-Charette finishing in 12 hours 59 minutes.

The Irish Long Distance Swimming Association presents the Original Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming to its recipients at its annual awards. For more information compiled and maintained by Pádraig Mallon and Jacqueline McClelland of the Infinity Channel Swimming and Piloting Services, visit here.

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