The Party Is Starting…Kaiwi Channel Invitations Are Out

The Party Is Starting…Kaiwi Channel Invitations Are Out

Steve Haumschild and Jeff Kozlovich of the Kaiwi Channel Association have begun to pump up interest in the 2014 Kaiwi Channel Swim Race, a 28-mile (45 km) relay race from Molokai Island to Oahu on August 23rd.

A few years ago Jeff and I were discussing channel swimmers and trying to figure out who was the fastest in the world,” recalls Haumschild. “Each person we escorted across the Kaiwi Channel was racing against a clock of another swimmer, but rarely in the same conditions.”

It was a eureka moment that they figured they should open up to 2- and 6-person relays as well as individuals.

[From that discussion,] the Kaiwi Channel Swim Race was born. To date, there have only been three relay teams make the swim. This year, the Kaiwi Channel Swim Race will mark its second year hosting this race. Last year we had a late race date announcement and only allowed 2 teams due to their qualifications. These two teams went head to head for almost 10 hours and finished only 3 minutes apart, a photo finish in our book. This year we expect about 8 to 12 teams to compete.

We see some amazing opportunities for the open water swimming community with our event a week before the Maui Channel Swim, which is just days before the Waikiki Roughwater Swim. Adding Kaiwi into this mix allows the potential for the ‘Triple Crown of Swimming’ in the beautiful Hawaiian waters

For more information, visit Kaiwi Channel Association.

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Steven Munatones