The Personality Traits And Astrology Of Swimmers

The Personality Traits And Astrology Of Swimmers

In astrology, there are twelve different signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Some people believe these signs provide information about the personality of individuals born in each of the 12 periods of the year. Based on our observations of swimmers around the world, we creatively imagined and describe the personality traits of different swimmers, each related to a particular swimming stroke or niche areas of open water swimming.

This is our imaginative view of what astrology might be like for the following 12 types of aquatic athletes:

1. Ice Swimmers
2. Extreme Swimmers
3. Adventure Swimmers
4. Channel Swimmers
5. Marathon Swimmers
6. Triathletes
7. Individual Medley Swimmers
8. Butterflyers
9. Backstrokers
10. Breaststrokers
11. Freestylers
12. Stage swimmers

Ice swimmers enjoy the extremes of life and sport with personalities that are unforgettable. They possess an internal level of confidence that is unparalleled in the world and are motivated by those who do not share their same goals or belief in the possible. Extraordinarily friendly and positively outgoing, they encourage all to take their life’s goals to the next level and brighten the day of nearly everyone they meet. They are kind and big-hearted with energy levels that are impossibly high to maintain for others. They remain optimistic even under the dreariest of circumstances as they rise to the occasion when least expected by those around them. They do not rush into anything and can acclimate well to myriad conditions as they take their time to weigh the pros and cons of a decision before committing one way or the other.

Extreme swimmers are dare-devilishy adventurous with an overabundance of courage and a bit of positive impulsiveness that they frequently demonstrate. They stand up for what they believe in and always root for the underdog. They are inwardly intense, but outwardly cool, calm and collected. Their aspirations are unique and challenging, and few distractions or obstacles tend to sideline them. But they constantly face new struggles as they strive to achieve increasingly more difficult goals. With their independent streak aimed at their goals unattainable by others, they tend to be more dominating than others in a crowd. Their egos are large, but with a respectful, charismatic sheen and friendly demeanor. Once they get something in their heads they can’t rest until they finish the task and strive to create an ambiance of positive self-belief.

Adventure swimmers are nature-loving, risk-taking individuals who are sensitive and protective of Mother Nature. They are extroverts and experimenters who are motivated to break barriers. Concurrently, they also understand that they often must stand alone with a mindset and a lifestyle that borders between unusual and non-traditional. Their life is an ever-changing experience of different scenarios where the unexpected is expected and the predictable is unpredictable. Time management is less of a priority than accomplishment of their goals, however long they take to achieve them. They love being social and around others, especially those of the same mindset where similarly minded individuals can feed off the energy of their peers.

Channel swimmers are reserved, intelligent introverts who understand and accept fate, but who are always hopeful for the best. They are deep thinkers who demonstrate patience in all aspects of their lives. They are relentless in their ambitions with the anticipation that minute changes in their life lead to major improvements over the long run. They are fiercely protective of their own kind with a naturalistic perspective of the world. When they judge issues to be minor, they can be adamant and slightly obstinate in order to resolve the situation they face. But when the inevitable intervenes, they can quickly shift gears to determine a new course of action.

Marathon swimmers are patient and confident in their abilities, and succeed in life due to a unique blend of self-orientation and teamwork. They are more gentle-spirited than gregarious, more respectful than rambunctious; more intellectual than impulsive. They decide upon a goal and go after it full-bore with a depth of stubbornness, intensity, and commitment that can shock or inspire those around them. They are more likely introverts with a deep-seated courage, known as strong and silent types who establish intense relationships over time. They are very in tune with their abilities and emotions, but rarely display them. They see the world as cut-and-dry, black-and-white, and will stand beside a friend until they reach the other shore…and beyond.

Triathletes are restless, relentless individuals who possess more self-confidence than self-doubt. They are decisive and ambitious go-getters with little time or patience for those who are neither. They appreciate hard work and diligence that is augmented by superior intellect and ambition that combines to help them achieve their goals. Their love of gadgetry is matched with their appreciation of data, yet the age-old challenge of physical endurance is their driving passion. Time management is important to them as is adaptability and flexibility to situations and conditions that they may encounter at home, at school, and on the road. Efficiency of action and self-motivation are two more guiding principles for these athletes who groom themselves for success in every aspect of their lives.

Individual medley swimmers are well-rounded jack-of-all-trades who is always working on their weakness in a pursuit of higher goals. They are flexible and always end up doing well when the unexpected hits. They can change their minds, opinions, and directions as often they train. Boredom is not their friend and sameness and uniformity often makes them turn and look for other avenues of excitement and entertainment. They are spontaneous and especially enjoy new adventures and challenges to keep their intensity levels up. They are doers, not dreamers who push themselves to achieve a variety of goals. For all the little things that they can do and the balls that they juggle concurrently, they are widely respected by others.

Butterflyers are fiercely passionate, emotion-filled, iron-willed individuals who love winning, but do not mind minor setbacks. They seek and respect strength with a significantly less appreciation for grace and serenity. They do not mind chaos and confusion, especially when they can discern order out of the uncertainty of their surroundings. They cannot hide their emotions, but they also possess the soft-spoken ability to communicate either through their innate verbal or written talents. They are far from perfectionists, but they are demanding of themselves and know what must be done to achieve their goals. They strive to be realistic and practical and take life for what it is, although they are workaholics who push themselves too much too far too often.

Backstrokers are trustworthy and trusting individuals who look at things from a completely different perspective than others. As such, they possess impeccable reliability. Once they head off in a direction, their commitment is unquestionable. But they can be vulnerable and unsuspecting as they believe in and trust others so readily. They are also forgiving and understanding of other’s faults and weaknesses, but their humor can mask frustration, disappointment, and fear. They are even-keeled, and rarely let their emotions surface. They are not shy or bashful, but they are also not the loudest or most extroverted among their crowd. Their honesty and loyalty are well-respected among family, friends, and teammates.

Breaststrokers are patient old-school traditionalists with healthy doses of strength and grace. They are grounded with balance and an intellectual matched with physicality. They are technically-oriented individuals who enjoy engineering solutions to the uncertainty of the workplace or the unexpected changes of life. They are usually calm, cool, and collected as they always are looking forward with an eye towards the future. Characterized by long-term vision as they are always looking forward, they are dependable and sincere goal-setters. They enjoy being tidy, neat, and orderly with the understanding that everything has its proper place. They possess the uncanny ability to efficiently process reams of information and emotions in order to arrive at a prudent decision one.

Freestylers are dependable individuals who show a deep loyalty to those who demonstrate reliability. They are emotionally-balanced people who are founded in strength both physically and emotionally. Their lightheartedness is enhanced by their intellectualism; their love of human interaction in enhanced by superior communication skills. They love speed as well as appreciate endurance in equal parts. They are naturally inquisitive, but can also be restless and impatient to get to where they are going. Their popularity and high emotional intelligence enables them to mix in well with any crowd. They occasionally take in stray pets and love cheering up a friend or family member.

Stage swimmers are friendly, adventurous, and fun-loving with an unparalleled sense of teamwork and camaraderie. They appreciate objectivity and a can-do spirit with a dislike of any degree of unreasonable negativity or pessimism. They seek unprecedented challenges and are fiercely loyal to and dependent upon within their crew, friends and family. They prefer group dynamics, but also relish being alone with their thoughts. Due to their social outlook that is based on communal action, their highs tend to be higher and their lows tend to be lower than many. They have the ability to fit in and quickly adjust to their surroundings, conditions and the temperment of others around them.

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