The Pioneers Of The Galata-Varna Swimming Marathon

The Pioneers Of The Galata-Varna Swimming Marathon

Bulgarian documentarist Ivan Tsanov published this photo of the participants of the first Galata-Varna Swimming Marathon in the Black Sea in Varna, Bulgaria back in the summer of 1926.

Tsanov who documents much of swimming – both pool and open water – in Bulgaria cannot find the names of these obviously fit pioneers of the first formal open water swimming competition in Bulgaria.

Do you know them? What are their names?

The 4.4 km Varna-Galata Swimming Marathon (Плувен маратон Галата-Варна) has been continuing in Varna Bay in the Black Sea for 85 years.

If any of the names of these Bulgarian open water swimming pioneers are known, please communicate their names to Ivan Tsanov via email at

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