The Rich, Eventful Life Of Tom Bucy

The Rich, Eventful Life Of Tom Bucy

The Rich, Eventful Life Of Tom Bucy

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On paper, Tom Bucy was an accomplished swimmer. He competed for the University of Michigan when it was the dominant team in American collegiate swimming (winnin 4 of 5 NCAA titles between 1957-1961) and racing on the World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation circuit between 1966 and 1968.

He won the 1967 Le Marathon du Saguenay, a professional marathon swim in Saguenay, Canada in 4 hours 55 minutes* and raced in the famous Block Island race in 1968 [billed as the World’s Greatest Marathon, read more here].

But former Wolverine swimmer has many, many other chapters in his rich, eventful life.

Bucy finished 8th in the 1500m freestyle at the USA Olympic Swimming Trials. He also studied in the Officer Candidate School and became a lieutenant in the U.S. Army for 3 years. He concurrently served as the swimming coach for the USA Modern pentathlon team between 1963 and 1965. The team won a silver medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games.

He later earned his Juris Doctor degree and became a trial lawyer for 40 years serving on 165 jury trials and over 1,700 non-jury trials for the Los Angeles public defender’s office. In addition to sailing for 50 years, he authored Final Argument about a double murder on Palmyra Island.

1976 Le Marathon du Saguenay Results:
1. Tom Bucy (USA) 4:55:56 ($1,500)
2. Kilm Savin (Yugoslavia) 6:28.26 ($700)
3. George Park (Canada) 6:53.36 ($500)
4. Dennis Matuch (USA) 6:54.09 ($350)
5. Bill Barton (USA) 7:00.36 ($150)
6. Conrad Corbell (Canada) 7:15.36 ($100)
7. Roger Piché (Canada) 7:20.56 ($100)
8. Real Lavele (Canada) 7:30.26 ($100)
9. Ben Bouchard and Gilles Potvin (Canada) 7:49.26
10. Ralph Willard (USA) and François Asselin (Canada) 8:24.09
11. Edouard Dubord (Canada) 8:44.20
12. Ben de Montreuli (Canada) 9:00.06

Gilles Potvin remembers that the ramp at the start of the race collapsed where his heavily pregnant wife was dumped in the cold river, but then, without incident, their child was born two days later.

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