The Sea Monkey Challenge Is A Year-round Commitment

The Sea Monkey Challenge Is A Year-round Commitment

Courtesy of WOWSA at the foot of the Seal Beach Pier in Southern California.

The British do it in London’s Serpentine. Americans do it from New York’s Coney Island to San Francisco’s Aquatic Park. The Aussies do it in Melbourne’s Brighton Baths. The Czechs do it in Vltava river in Prague.

And, now in the hometown of Lynne Cox, a pod of Southern Californian swimmers will begin the tradition.

Year-round swimming in Seal Beach.

The Sea Monkeys will begin the Sea Monkey Challenge this month. Ringleader and Sea Monkey Mistress Katie Rowe explains, “For the Sea Monkey Challenge, you will challenge yourself to swim all year in the ocean. You have to make a minimum of one ocean swim per month. All winter, ALL WINTER you get to drop casual “Yeah, I swam this morning in the ocean” comments to your co-workers, who then think you are RAD. They will be so jelly of your rawness.”

The American movie and television stuntwomen gives reasonable advice. “Do we swim the whole way in the winter? Not always. Really depends on the temperature. Should you just try and come one day per month? No. Really it’s better to keep coming. You do acclimate. Your body will feel good, your skin will look fresh.

Can you wear fins? of course! Can you wear a wetsuit? Of course not!

For our first October swim, we had 12 swimmers with 2 new open water swimmers. The 2 new swimmers have been swimming in the pool and now are branching out into open water swimming. Both new swimmers are over 60,” explained Doug Garland. Besides Garland, Sean Oatey, Mark Fell, Rick Gregory, Gerry Parker, Loren Wright, Amy Aston, Mary Brain, Hank Wise, Peter Knapp, Marissa Carrillo, and Michael Kilpatrick also completed their obligatory ocean swim in October.

It was high tide with no wind so the surface was calm, but there were some swirling currents especially by the south jetty. The goal is one Thursday morning swim every month so we have 12 swimmers with their October swim complete.”

Lynne Cox would be proud.

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