The Serious Fun Of Triathletes And Open Water Swimmers

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

We have seen and sensed differences between open water swimmers and multi-sport athletes who compete in traditional triathlons or XTERRA World Tour off-road races [shown above and produced by TEAM Unlimited].

Pre-race Ambiance

* Multi-sport athletes are busy with preparing their swim gear, cycling equipment and running wear while open water swimmers are standing swinging their arms and fiddling with their goggles.

* Multi-sport athletes are focused with a level of intensity and seriousness that masks their enjoyment of competition while open water swimmers are relaxed and laid-back with an easygoing manner that masks their intensity and seriousness once they hit the water.

* Multi-sport athletes put on expensive wetsuits with a specific neoprene thickness and prepare their expensive cycling and running gear printed with many sponsor logos while bioprened open water swimmers are appreciative of the free swim cap that comes with their entry fee.

In-race Competition

* Multi-sport athletes check their data and splits in the T1 and T2 transitions and on their bikes and on their wristwatches throughout the race while open water swimmers often find out their official time way after the race is over and sometimes days later.

* Multi-sport athletes prepare and take a variety of scientifically-formulated foods and drinks throughout the race while open water swimmers consume whatever is provided at the end of the race – and if there is nothing, no problem.

Post-event Festivities

* Multi-sport athletes analyze their times and final position relative to their own age group and gender while open water swimmers talk about the cold spots, strong currents, and turbulence.

* Multi-sport athletes consider changes in their training regimen, training distances, racing equipment, and coaching consultants based on their performances while open water swimmers are creatures of habit, returning to the same pool to train in the same way immediately after the competition.

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