The Show Appears It May Go On, Tokyo Olympics 2021

The Show Appears It May Go On, Tokyo Olympics 2021

The Show Appears It May Go On, Tokyo Olympics 2021

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The prospects of doing sports and holding athletic competitions in states like California are becoming increasingly distant for youth and teenage athletes with the governor’s latest mandates, perhaps postponing sports until as late as next September 2021. Concurrently, spectators at American collegiate and professional athletic events are limited and many games are cancelled or postponed, as are contests in many other locations around the world.

Conversely, the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games organizers are moving forward with plans to host the Olympics with spectators watching more than 11,000 athletes from over 200 countries compete in the Games – although the exact number of spectators will be determined later.

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said on a visit to Tokyo this week, “Now we are all in during this coronavirus crisis,” Bach told reporters at the Prime Minister’s Office. We are putting a really huge toolbox together in which we will put all the different measures we can imagine. So that next year, at the appropriate time, we will be able to take the right tools out of this toolbox and apply them in order to ensure a safe environment for all participants in the Games.”

2016 Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Men’s Results:
Gold: Ferry Weertman (Netherlands) 1:52:59.8
Silver: Spyridon Gianniotis (Greece) 1:52:59.8
Bronze: Marc-Antoine Daniel Frede Olivier (France) 1:53:02.0
4. Lijun Zu (China) 1:53:02.0
5. Jordan Wilimovsky (USA) 1:53:03.2
6. Simone Ruffini (Italy) 1:53:03.5
7. Federico Vanelli (Italy) 1:53:03.9
8. Yasunari Hirai (Japan) 1:53:04.6
9. Christian Reichert (Germany) 1:53:04.7
10. Chad Ho (South Africa) 1:53:04.8
11. Evgenii Drattcev (Russia) 1:53:04.8
12. Ous Mellouli (Tunisia) 1:53:06.1
13. Mark Papp (Hungary) 1:53:11.7
14. Ventsislav Aydaski (Bulgaria) 1:53:16.1
15. Ivan Enderica Ochoa (Ecuador) 1:53:16.2
16. Richard Weinberger (Canada) 1:53:16.4
17. Allan Do Carmo (Brazil) 1:53:16.4
18. Kane Rae Francis Radford (New Zealand) 1:53:18.7
19. Richard Nagy (Slovakia) 1:53:35.4
20. Jarrod Poort (Australia) 1:53:40.7
21. Erwin Maldonado (Venezuela) 1:54:33.6
22. Marwan Ahmed Aly Morsy Elamrawy (Egypt) 1:59:17.2
DSQ Sean Ryan (USA)
DSQ Vitaliy Khudyakov (Kazakhstan)
DSQ Jack Burnell (Great Britain)

2016 Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Women’s Results:
Gold: Sharon van Rouwendaal (Netherlands) 1:56:32.1
Silver: Rachele Bruni (Italy) 1:56:49.5
Bronze: Poliana Okimoto (Brazil) 1:56:51.4
4. Xin Xin (China) 1:57:14.4
5. Haley Anderson (United States) 1:57:20.2
6. Isabelle Härle (Germany) 1:57:22.1
7. Keri-Anne Payne (Great Britain) 1:57:23.9
8. Anastasia Krapivina (Russia) 1:57:25.9
9. Samantha Arevalo (Ecuador) 1:57:27.2
10. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) 1:57:29.0
11. Kalliopi Araouzou (Greece) 1:57:31.6
12. Yumi Kida (Japan) 1:57:35.2
13. Éva Risztov (Hungary) 1:57:42.8
14. Anna Olasz (Hungary) 1:57:45.5
15. Chelsea Gubecka (Australia) 1:58:12.7
16. Spela Perse (Slovenia) 1:58:59.6
17. Erika Villaecija (Spain) 1:59:04.8
18. Michelle Weber (South Africa) 1:59:05.0
19. Jana Pechanova (Czech Republic) 1:59:07.7
20. Paola Perez (Venezuela) 1:59:07.7
21. Heidi Gan (Malaysia) 1:59:07.9
22. Joanna Zachoszcz (Poland) 1:59:20.4
23. Stephanie Horner (Canada) 1:59:22.1
24. Vânia Neves (Portugal) 2:01:39.3
25. Reem Mohamed Husein Elsayed Kaseem (Egypt) 2:05:19.1
DSQ Aurélie Muller (France)

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