The Silver Seals of the Salish Sea

The Silver Seals of the Salish Sea

Guila Muir set her first open water swimming record with The Silver Seals of the Salish Sea. She started swimming at the age of 47 and later founded Say Yes To Life Swims.

The Silver Seals pioneered this 16.7 km course from Bremerton, Washington to Alki Point in West Seattle in the Salish Sea. She captained the first group of open water swimmers over the age of 60 to swim so far in the Puget Sound. 66-year-old Muir, the CEO of Say Yes To Life Swims, planned and inspired the sextet of relay swimmers for over two years to attempt this unprecedented course. Bethanie Mitchell produced a film about their adventure called The Silver Seals.

The group included 75-year-old Martin Adams, the Silver Seals escort boat captain. 68-year-old Scott Lautman led off the relay. Second was Muir who started swimming at the age of 47. Then came 64-year-old freediver Rachel Price, 69-year-old Greg Rolnick, a tango dancer and a water polo player, 61-year-old swimmer Michael Palmer, and 62-year-old Zena Courtney, a former competitive swimmer, coach and triathlete. They completed the 10.4-mile relay on July 25th in 4 hours 24 minutes. Stephanie Zimmerman served as the official observer.

The Silver Seals:

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