The Smile Mile Is Memorable

The Smile Mile Is Memorable

Courtesy of Jacqueline Galway at Carlingford lough Co., Ireland.

The Smile Mile was held at Carlingford lough Co. Louth today in Ireland.

“The swim is held to remember those you have lost – to celebrate the good times and to recognise those who have inspired you in life,” explains Jacqueline Galway. “70 swimmers jumped in off the pier and swam various distances in the calm sea water with a picnic, warm juice, and cake for after the swim. The sun shone on the warm September autumnal day.

The swim pace was as fast or as slow as you wanted to swim it – to remember those you had lost

The name of the chosen person(s) was written on the swimmers’ arms and hands. “They were able to swim together with you and to remind you why you are swimming with a curly smiley wavy logo.”

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Steven Munatones