The Snapping Tortuga Goes Olympic

The Snapping Tortuga Goes Olympic

Snapping Tortuga launches the Bale of Tortugas on November 10th will feature DIY Olympic marathon swim in Lake Conroe, Texas. Swimmers can compete in a 4-person 10 km relay or swim solo for 10 km.

The Snapping Tortuga Swim Series Race Director Tim Floyd said, “With more and more people taking to the open water for competitions, we wanted to offer the ultimate challenge. We are proud to be hosting the first 10K in Texas and look forward to the swimmers who show up to swim the distance.

On the Bale of Tortuga’s Relay, each team will have 4 athletes who will each swim a 15-minute leg, then a 10-minute leg, then 5-minute legs until their team has completed the course.

For 10 km solo swimmers, the field will be limited to 15 qualified athletes who are faster than a 1:30 5 km swim (sans wetsuit) or can do a 10 km swim in under four hours. Solo swimmers must provide their own escort and safety observer in a kayak, canoe, or boat.

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